Networking Fundamentals

Network Zen is your single source for network design, implementation, security, compliance, server design and visualization, VoIP, and WiFi solutions. Don’t waste your time managing multiple vendors when you use our qualified expert team. It’s our goal to gain your loyalty and ensure peace of mind when it comes to your network.

Network Design & Implementation

When businesses experience connectivity, speed, and efficiency issues related to their networks, it can feel like a huge and urgent undertaking. Using wireless survey assessments, onsite surveys, and requirements gathering sessions, our team will identify customer goals, challenges, and hidden needs. Our team will design, source materials, and implement the right network for your environment. From challenging spaces in manufacturing to life-saving connectivity in hospitals, we've got the team you need for peace of mind.

Networking Security & Compliance

Network Zens' certified data and security specialists will ensure your business is protected from hackers and non-compliance with comprehensive security solutions.

Don't piecemeal your security together with different technologies and solutions. Hackers can get through your quilt of patches. Network Zen's certified data and security specialists look at your needs from a comprehensive perspective for a single cohesive solution that meets government regulations specific to your industry and ensures your business data is protected from those who stand to profit from vulnerabilities.

Server Design & Virtualization

Server design and virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for your business.

Servers take up physical space, valuable IT resources, and cost your business dearly when your design is not efficient or managed properly. As a larger cost center for most businesses, knowing how to virtualize your server, manage file organization, security, and storage is a daunting undertaking. Using Network Zen's gurus will enable your business to create the maximum utilization you need to enable your business to grow and maintain business operations.

Why Choose Network Zen?

Network Zen's holistic problem-solving approach.

We view your company’s systems and hardware as an “interconnected whole” rather than separate components. That’s why we use a collaborative methodology - one that incorporates our engineering team’s specialized skills and methods - to solve our clients’ most pressing issues.

Free, unlimited US-based phone and remote support.

We get it. You’re tired of monthly service fees and then paying more when you need help. With Network Zen, you’ll never have to worry about paying more for phone support again. Even better, our support team have all passed stringent qualifications and are empowered to help you with whatever you need.

Flexible and customized monthly reports.

Our flexible monitoring systems means you’ll receive data, analyses and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, we can dig deeper into particular areas of concern and provide you with detailed analytics designed to keep your business systems running smoothly.

WiFi Designs and Installation

Get your WiFi designed by the gurus who know your tough and critical environments best.

WiFi installed by the "other guys'“ will leave you hanging with bills to pay. At Network Zen, people come first, and that means our customers and their needs come first. We create complete solutions that are designed to grow with your business, not to create long-term hardware maintenance issues. We utilize predictive, active, and passive site survey’s to get our eyes on the problem and design a WiFi installation that accounts for your environment's challenges and variables. Network Zen's WiFi solutions will save you money and grant peace of mind.

VoIP Phone Systems

Simplify your business with a VoIP system designed by our network gurus and ditch expensive traditional phone solutions.

Analog phone service providers are no longer the industry standard. Free your business from the hassle of long-distance charges, nickel and dime fees, and the lack of support from your current provider. A VoIP solution designed and implemented by Network Zen will help your staff and customers communicate more effectively, and improve the bottom line with a reduction in overhead expenses. Taking our "Listen to Understand" approach, the team will recommend a VoIP solution, implementation plan, and long-term management strategy.

Why Choose Network Zen?

Dedicated and accessible point of contact engineer.

When you work with Network Zen your single-point-of-contact will be one of our engineering gurus, who you can contact by phone, email, or text. It’s our way of saying that we value your time as much as we do our own!

Small but nimble with Fortune 500 resources.

We believe that personalized attention matters. To that end, Network Zen has purposely remained “lean and mean” by eliminating unnecessary, time-sucking rules & costly bells-and-whistles. Yes, we have the same Fortune-500 resources as our big competitors – we just use them more wisely.

One-stop, specialized expertise for your entire network needs.

Our seasoned engineering gurus can design, implement, support, and repair mobility, wireless, server, desktop, firewall, and switch issues from leading manufacturers and in all environments.

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