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Mobile Workforce Solutions

Your team doesn't have time to be experts in mobility hardware like barcode scanners or mobile printers, but Network Zen's got you covered with top notch hardware manufacture relationships and mobile device management solutions.

Mobility Hardware - Barcode Scanning & Printing

Whether you need a barcode scanner or a mobile thermal printer, our long-standing relationships with hardware manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies ensures your business will receive top of the line devices and the best pricing with your Network Zen solutions. From one-off device replacements to entire fleet deployments, we’ve got your mobility hardware needs covered.

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Mobile Device Management

With 24/7 support and monitoring offerings, Network Zen will care for your barcode scanners, smartphones, tablets, and laptops with our mobile device management service. Mobile devices like barcode scanners, smartphones, tablets, and laptops enable your business to operate but they shouldn’t be a drag on your IT team. Save your team time, money, and headaches when our team takes the lead to provide support and monitoring of these business-critical mobile devices.

VisibilityIQ - Zebra’s MDM Software

If your device data isn’t helping you perform at your peak, it’s hurting your business. You’re caught off-guard by device fleet downtime and battery failures and more. Your time and money are lost on manual tracking and excessive inventory and repairs. Don’t stress! When Network Zen and Zebra Technologies team up, you’ll find peace of mind with mobile device management.

Why Choose Network Zen?

Flexible and customized monthly reports.

Our flexible monitoring systems means you’ll receive data, analyses and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, we can dig deeper into particular areas of concern and provide you with detailed analytics designed to keep your business systems running smoothly.

Free, unlimited US-based phone and remote support.

We get it. You’re tired of monthly service fees and then paying more when you need help. With Network Zen, you’ll never have to worry about paying more for phone support again. Even better, our support team have all passed stringent qualifications and are empowered to help you with whatever you need.

Network Zen's holistic problem-solving approach.

We view your company’s systems and hardware as an “interconnected whole” rather than separate components. That’s why we use a collaborative methodology - one that incorporates our engineering team’s specialized skills and methods - to solve our clients’ most pressing issues.