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Wireless Network Survey

Get your WiFi designed by the gurus who know your tough and critical environments best. WiFi installed by the "other guys'“ will leave you hanging with bills to pay. At Network Zen, people come first, and that means our customers and their needs come first.

WiFi design and installation?
We do both.

Our team creates complete solutions that are designed to grow with your business, not to create long-term hardware maintenance issues. We utilize multiple access point survey types to get our eyes on the problem and design a WiFi installation that accounts for your environment's challenges and variables. Network Zen's WiFi solutions will save you money and grant peace of mind.

Optimized wireless starts
with a site survey.

When your current wireless network isn’t meeting your needs, you may find yourself needing a site survey and wondering: what is a wireless site survey? Network Zen site survey guru, Mike Fuerte, has the answer.

See how we can improve your WiFi with a wireless network survey

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What are the types of site surveys?

• Greenfield: Starting with a blank canvas or total replacement of existing. It does not take into account any existing AP locations for repurposing.
• Hybrid: A combination of active and predictive designs. A senior engineer completes the design onsite but does not physically stand and test each individual AP.
• Predictive: Utilizes floor plans of a facility to virtually recreate it remotely with a survey tool to estimate AP performance. We do not recommend this type of survey because it can be inaccurate without visiting the site location.
• Assessment: Onsite survey of the existing performance of a currently deployed wireless infrastructure to determine remediation steps needed to resolve issues or expand upon the existing wireless deployment.

What might a wireless network survey include?

• Senior engineer to complete the site survey, test each individual access point, identify possible risk scenarios, and use test radios to measure network performance.
• Access point detail listing showing AP type, antenna, mounting height, mounting options, IDF destinations, and anticipated cable lengths required.
• Customized heat map to visually depict areas of RF/WiFi coverage on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands

Wireless Network Survey specialist

What are the steps to completing a wireless network survey?

1. Receive the most recent floor plan for the facility and observe existing space.
2. Provide guidance on the desired outcome, performance, pain points, and goals for the wireless network.
3. If onsite, the engineer goes to the facility for the physical audit of the environment to test wireless or RF performance throughout the facility and identify potential risk.
4. Submit deliverable content, such as engineering notes, heat maps, access point placement maps, photos, etc.
5. Discuss next steps, timeline, and how the services will be deployed.

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