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Wireless Site Survey Cost Calculator

The cost to install WiFi in a business starts with a site survey. Our gurus will ensure your wireless network installation is exactly what you need.

How much does it cost to install WiFi in a business?

When businesses experience connectivity, speed, and efficiency issues related to their networks, it can feel like a huge and urgent undertaking. Quick and cheap solutions may seem like the right answer now. However, your business will be back in the same position soon with solutions that are fast versus done right. Before you can know how much your total solution will cost, you need to survey your facility.

Step 1) Know which type of survey you need

Step 2) Use our survey cost calculator ———>>>>

Step 3) Talk with our team for a detailed estimate.

Commonly referred to as a “Stick and Pole Survey” or “Active Survey”, this survey can be used fo a blank canvas or total replacement of an existing network. Our gurus will physically visit your facility and use test radios in your environment to survey the performance of each square foot to generate a full design and supporting coverage or “heat-maps” to visually depict RF/Wifi coverage. It does not take into account any existing AP locations for repurposing.

This remotely performed survey utilizes floorplans of a facility to virtually recreating it within a survey tool to “predictively” estimate AP performance in the environment. The design is created entirely remotely with no onsite visit. Accuracy of performance is indicative if the quality and accuracy of the provided floorplan. Our gurus do not recommend the use of predictive surveys alone for network installation planning.

A combination of Greenfield and Predictive designs, our guru completes the design onsite but does not physically stand and test each individual AP. Instead, a predictive heatmap is created thus saving time and cost while still gathering valuable information onsite such as obstructions, mounting requirements, IDF locations, etc.

Commonly referred to as a “Passive” or “Active/Passive Survey”, this is an onsite survey of the existing performance of a currently deployed wireless infrastructure in order to determine remediation steps needed to resolve issues or expand upon the existing wireless deployment. This includes and in-depth review of the WLC (Wireless Lan Controller), or cloud-based dashboard to ensure the configurations are in line with best practices.

Like the name implies, this type of survey is used to “validate” that a particular WLAN implementation meets the requirements of the project. The WLAN is already in place, configured, and running as intended.

Wireless Site Survey Cost Calculator

Site surveys are an important first step for any wireless network installation. Use our cost calculator below to receive a baseline estimate on the cost of a wireless site survey from Network Zen.

Accurate quotes save time and money. The quote we are providing is not perfect. A conversation with our network gurus will provide you with a more accurate estimate. Submit this form to receive our high-level quote and begin a conversation with our wireless network gurus.
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Extreme Networks

Since 1996, Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology, driven by a vision of making it simpler and faster as well as more agile and secure. But our higher purpose has always been helping our customers connect beyond the network… strengthening their relationships with those they serve. Today, we call that Customer-Driven Networking.

Extreme Networks access points and switches to be used in fulfillment after a wireless network survey

Combined with industry leading network management, Extreme access points capture meaningful performance and security insights about associated clients to assist administrators in both optimizing and protecting their network and organization. When it comers to switches, Extreme's products support a common highly-scalable policy mechanism across wired and wireless devices. These policies travel with the user, device, and application as they move through the network.

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Our flexible monitoring systems means you’ll receive data, analyses and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, we can dig deeper into particular areas of concern and provide you with detailed analytics designed to keep your business systems running smoothly.

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