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What is the cost of managed network services?

Network Monitoring & Security Cost Calculator

Use our calculator to answer the question, "What is the cost of managed network services?"

Network monitoring and security from Network Zen ensures your business runs smoothly with our uptime guarantee and end-to-end security visibility. Network Zen provides an evolved network monitoring and security service. Our engineers and gurus provide management, maintenance, and security monitoring to ensure your team and business data is safe from ransomware, hackers, and downtimes due to equipment failures.

Managed Network Services Cost Calculator

Use the managed network services calculator below to understand your potential monthly expenses with Network Zen as your network management and security service provider.

Accurate quotes save time and money. The quote we are providing is not perfect. A conversation with our network management gurus will provide you with a more accurate estimate. Submit this form to receive our high-level quote and begin a conversation with our wireless network gurus. Device counts over 100 receive bulk discounts not reflected in this quote. Onboarding costs are not included in this quote.
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With customized monthly reports from our managed services team, you will know the health of your network, see application updates, learn information on your service statuses, and much more. The benefits of network managed services (NMS).

  • Ensure business-critical applications are protected at peak times
  • Keep IT and your CIO informed with advanced reporting capabilities
  • See everything at a glance with a single view into your physical and virtual networks.

Ditch the old-school managed IT service provider that offers a hands-off, one size fits all service and find peace of mind with Network Zen.

Save YOUR team time, money, and headaches when OUR team takes the lead to provide network monitoring and security for your business.

OmniVista Network Management from Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel Lucent Enterprise - IT Service Management

With this comprehensive and powerful network management tool, you’ll benefit from a full set of components for infrastructure and device configuration, monitoring, backup, scheduling, security, alerts, quarantine, troubleshooting, downtime resolution, and overall management.

Along with making day-to-day network operations more efficient, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2500 Network Management System (NMS) provides all the network management tools and reports you need to track and achieve your business goals.

Why Choose Network Zen?

Flexible and customized monthly reports.

Our flexible monitoring systems means you’ll receive data, analyses and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. What’s more, we can dig deeper into particular areas of concern and provide you with detailed analytics designed to keep your business systems running smoothly.

Free, unlimited US-based phone and remote support.

We get it. You’re tired of monthly service fees and then paying more when you need help. With Network Zen, you’ll never have to worry about paying more for phone support again. Even better, our support team have all passed stringent qualifications and are empowered to help you with whatever you need.

Network Zen's holistic problem-solving approach.

We view your company’s systems and hardware as an “interconnected whole” rather than separate components. That’s why we use a collaborative methodology - one that incorporates our engineering team’s specialized skills and methods - to solve our clients’ most pressing issues.