Network Solutions During a Fluctuating Supply Chain

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Get a Head Start on Your New Network Infrastructure

If you’re in the market for a new network solution, you may be wondering what that process looks like for 2022. Twenty twenty-one was the year of many difficulties, including supply chain delays.

How long will it take to get a network live? From decision to implementation, a wireless network timeline could look like this:


Decision 1 week

Decision made, wireless survey quote received, PO cut for survey portion

Onsite Survey 3 weeks

Onsite survey scheduled, complete, BOM determined

Quotes 2 weeks

Hardware & labor quotes developed, received, reviewed and a PO made for implementation

Procurement 6 months

Procurements of hardware & materials

Implementation 3 weeks


Is your network in shambles now?

Request an assessment and remediation survey to see what can be done to improve your network’s current performance now. Increase your performance while you plan for a future network refresh if you can’t wait another 8 months.

We can develop a design for utilizing an OEM with shorter lead times than your typical Cisco or Aruba hardware (Alcatel or AccelTex). We will work with partners and distributors on your behalf to determine the quickest solution available without sacrificing performance.

Let us complete a design for you and repurpose your existing access points in more optimal locations while we wait for new hardware to become available

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